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vive le revolte! [entries|friends|calendar]
haiku revolution

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That's what the "Baby" part means. [30 Oct 2009|06:48pm]

[ mood | indifferent ]

Yes, mall customer.
We do sell clothes for infants
at the Baby Gap.


Your lone "Pick-Me-Up" [15 Dec 2008|06:34pm]

   the reference to mccain/palin is a bit late, i know, but it's in reference to a stingy republican landlord that i had to deal with that was apprehensive as to allowing me to live in his rental property when he inquired about my sexual orientation & who I'd be living with.
He had a McCain/Palin sticker on the back of his pick-up-truck.
It's been a while since I've written any poems, feels good--wish this community was more active.

By Noa See

one nosy landlord
climbs up stairs on a mission
      interrogates s/he

       a boy or a girl
one or the other not both
while s/he sips on tea

  he found me mourning
searching for some privacy
in debt to hard time

hard earned money fails
to create perfect design
   for grrl in tatters

     tattered clothes combs
hair and clashes with one once 
...one grrl once homeless

    was i going to live in
with a girlfriend or boyfriend
   what's it to you, sir?

  is my anatomy
too complex for you, i know
who McCain is, I

  know what a bumper
sticker signifies, exed out
  the woman Palin

  Or was it Stalin?
 Or was it Adolph Hitler?
    A patriarchy

    Built by General
Motors to pour your heart out
on a back bumper,

  Your lone "pick-me-up"
Is the endorsement tagged
  on your pick-up truck

Finals week. [15 Dec 2008|01:10pm]

[ mood | optimistic ]

I knew the answers!
The passing streak continues!
There's hope for me yet!

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bridge [31 May 2008|04:41am]

i'm building this bridge
so i can come back to you
and we can be us

instead of just you
it could be just you and me
together in love

so taking a train
may ease this aching i feel
but this bridge is new

it's going to take
all i've got to give the world
and i'll do it if

if i can be with you. 

[16 Mar 2008|08:09pm]

today i'm repping
"multivitamins" embossed
on a cheap bracelet

i'm so gonna name
my next kitten "Rosacea"
in tribute to you

mocking my ex's
saccharin new girlfriend is
my raison d'etre

last night we fucked
to Usher, culminating all
my eight-grade dreams

somewhere: a pencil
engraved with my name, dwindling
to a tiny stub

how dare you dump me
on a Sunday night? i'm miss-
ing L-Word for this
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